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Pearls' Nursery Academy - our Primary School in Pandesara (Surat) running under the "No Child Should Be Left Behind" initiative. Innivative teaching methods, committed teachers, various activities to develop children's various skills. Classes from Nursery to 3rd Standard. ADMISSION OPEN NOW! Read more...

Nursery Tearcher Distance Learning Course - our educational initiative to empower unemployed and underpivileged women. After taking this 1-year course they can acquire a profession and find secure employment. Read more...


Support & Volunteer

We all know that providing education in poor communities is not easy. While UBNMET is trying to reach out to as many underprivileged families as possible, it sometimes gets hard to meet the NGO financial needs. If you have an opportunity, you can contribute to the betterment of the Surat community by providing for school scholarships for the poorest kids, or by donating books, stationary, and toys. Also, you can share your valuable skills by involving in volunteering activities, To learn more read our HOW TO ENGAGE section. 



What Others Said

Sreya Vaidyanathan (USA)

I came to UBNMET as an Intern during my summer break without knowing what to expect. In the end I left with a wealth of experience and confidence in my capabilities as a professional and a leader. As a Strategic Communications intern for the organization I spent sick weeks building a framework for UBNMET’s website and social media platforms. At most internships, copies and coffee are the order of the day. Very rarely do you get to partake in actually effecting change at such an early stage in your career. At UBNMET I had the independence to create my own project and the passion and dedication of the trustees and staff to preserver. My six weeks at UBNMET has been an extremely significant experience for my personal and professional growth.




This summer I volunteered at UBNMET NGO. It was my first experience to volunteer abroad, so I didn't know some things. But people at UBNMET were so kind, the supported me all the way. This NGO is a wonderful opportunity to work with children, teach them, learn new songs and games. And as I was leaving, Iooked into their eyes and they started crying. That moment I realized that I really made an impact. 


I joined UBNMET NGO for a one-month internship. But in this one month I was able to learn much more than I expected. As a part of my internship I got to design a complete edition of the NGO Human Rights magazine  –  Shamita.  It was a very challenging task, which required me to dwell deep into a subject that I had never studied before. However with the Chairman Mr. Sarju Nayak’s guidance I was able to learn a lot,  both about Human Rights and the art of designing a magazine. Along the way I learnt a lot about the intricacies of gathering content for the magazine. I also learnt how to communicate with different people, how to manage deadlines, how to manage my time, divide my tasks and review my work at the end of every day. I would be forever be indebted to Mr. Sarju Nayak  for believing in me and entrusting on me the task to compile an edition of Shamita. Even though my internship is over at UBNMET, I will always be a part of the organisation and try my best to contribute in its future endeavours. Having worked here I am confident of the authenticity of the NGO  and  its dedication to its cause. I wish the NGO all the best in the future. May it keep contributing to the society and make it a better place to live for all of us.


I have been working with UBNMET for 5 months now and it has been a completely like-never-before experience. Firstly, I have never imagined that the head of the organization would devote so much time and effort to familiarizing a new employee with the organization's work as well as to establishing most comfortable working conditions. Secondly, I cannot appreciate more the trust given to me by the NGO board to work on the challenging tasks of NGO development which requires great responsibility. From the first day the NGO management encouraged me and believed in me which gave me a lot of confidence to be creative and daring. 
Thirdly, the work here is highly rewarding because I can feel the impact I am making on the NGO and the kids here. 
UBNMET NGO is a great place to be if you seek self-development in personal and professional spheres, handling of meaningful tasks and seeing impactful results of your work.


During the 5-week work in India, I was inspired. 
Through the UBNMET and NCL programme, I understood that I want to do something for my country and the world. 
For me, education is very important. No matter who they are, everyone has his right to be educated. 
However, people often ignore the importance of education, that's why more and more problems and crimes appear. 
It's not hard to improve this situation. It all depends on whether you want to do it or not. 
That's what I learnt from my work with UBNMET.


When I was looking for a volunteer opportunity after I graduated from university, I wanted to work for a Human Rights NGO as I was I law student. That's why UBNMET was my final choice. Working here was definitely a marvelous and unforgettable experience in my life. I have not only put a lot of effort for the development of UBNMET, but also met and worked with many great volunteers from different countries.